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Vorstellung vom 13.02.2012

Die Spiel - Essen 2011: Vanuatu (Krok Nik Douil Editions)

Das Spiel stellen wir euch natürlich auf dt. vor. Viel Spaß!

Offizielle Info!
In "Vanuatu", players will be in the shoes of Vanuatan, a local native, whose goal is to prosper during the eight rounds that the game lasts For this you need to get the resources you will either make money or earn points prosperity. You can also perform other gainful activities like drawing in the sand, local specialty officially recognized by UNESCO, transporting tourists to the paradise islands that make up this archipelago lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or try to trade
outside ... In short, lots of things to do (9 total shares available), but will he be able to do. In each round, the islands will grow before your eyes and you'll have
to plan your actions with 5 markers, asking one or more of these markers on the actions you want to achieve. Then each player, starting with the first player can achieve for its actions. Except that you can perform an action if you are a majority in number of markers on the action. You will need, sometimes (often) wait for other players to have played this before and you have released your turn in order to achieve it. However, you should be careful because if your turn you have a majority on any action, you will still have to remove your markers of an action and then abandon it. It will therefore be the blocking perspective and frustration in the air, especially as some of your actions will require that you have been others before. To complicate even further the peaceful existence that prevails in these places, available resources are exhaustible. There will therefore not for everyone, and will first serve a little more than a smile that could last to the light gray-mine the little they will recover. As the proverb puts it. We can not do everything at once and so you'll have to make choices. But rest assured, all is not so dark. You will be able to help you in your task by 10 characters, colorful, ranging throughout the game give you some bonus. On each turn, you will be able to choose one
depending on what you want to do and what others will leave you ... And yes, again, not all will be accessible all the time, still involving difficult choices.
Finally, in "Vanuatu" you will be able to make money. Unfortunately, not much. The Vanuatan (you know the local Aboriginal) are not very rich and when you reach a whopping 10 vatu, they are automatically and immediately converted into points of prosperity and then you go back to 0 in your wallet. Another parameter that we should not forget to consider if you want to arrive to breed, a little bit, your social status.

So to summarize, "Vanuatu" is a game programming, majority, development, blocking, and interaction with many choices. And it is scheduled for Essen.

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