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Regelerkl�rung vom 22.02.2012

Die Spiel - Essen 2011: Upon a Salty Ocean (Giochix)

Im folgenden Video stellen wir euch das Spiel vor. Die Tonqualität ist dieses Mal nicht perfekt. Dennoch bekommt man einen guten Eindruck vom Spiel.

Offizielle Info zum Spiel:
Rouen 1530. At the beginning of the XVI century Rouen was the main French harbor. The City richness was depending by fishing and trading salted fishes.
Salt produced in the salt ponds has to be loaded on the ships and used to preserve herrings and cods fished in the Atlantic Ocean. Ships full of salt barrels will leave Rouen toward sea locations in Celtic Sea and Great Banks of Newfoundland to fish herrings and cods. The salt was used at the time to preserve the fish and the goods were sold in the city markets.

In this strategic Euro-game the players spend money for ships and buildings and at the same time try to get rich. They have to find the right balance between investment and profit. The winner will be the player having more money when Francis I King of France will come to visit Rouen.
The game mecanical is an action-payment system, where players can do different kind of actions, but they increase of cost when are used.

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