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10.09.2013, 10:24
Cliquenabend Spezial Folge: Hochzeitsantrag von Smuker an Bernadette mit der Hilfe von ganz vielen
she was amazingly  surprised. I planed this proposal since weeks with the help of our relatives and a ... er 100 people helped me to make this day and this proposal UNIQUE. This is the english Version of the p ... l UNIQUE. This is the english Version of the proposal (the audio isn't a correct translation but it
12.11.2012, 22:08
Essen 2012 Neuheit: Article 27: The UN Security Council Game (Stronghold Games)
will both present and be presented with different proposals. In each round, one player acts as the UN S ... ayer acts as the UN Secretary General, presents a proposal to the Council and presides over a negotiation pe ... period that lasts no more than five minutes. The proposal will affect five issues – military, currenc