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Vorstellung vom 02.02.2013

Essen 2012 Neuheit: Making Profit - The Boardgame (2D6)

Das Spiel stellen wir euch auf dt./engl. vor, viel Spaß!

Offizielle Infos:
"You can make a profit in several ways – either by producing goods yourself or investing in other players' activities. But which method is more efficient – should you depend mainly on your own wisdom or would you prefer the way of passive investing? Answer can be found from Making Profit: The Boardgame. 2-6 players. Money. Stock. Production. Everything depends on you!"

In Making Profit: The Boardgame every player is both factory manager and investor at the same time. As factory manager you have to decide: should you run the factory for profits or develop it instead... and what area to develop: resource or products? As investor you have to choose the factories to invest into; should you stick close to your own plant or are there more lucrative options made available by opponents? But there are so few actions available each turn...and at the end the winner is the one with most combined wealth.

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