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Datensatz vom 13.09.2018

Stress Botics (Demo - Spiel erscheint 2019)


2019 (Demo 2018)

Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 4 Spieler

60-135 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



Stress Botics tells a short sci-fy adventure about 4 easily-stressable miner robots (known as “Beta Bots”), in their peculiar odyssey through an exoplanet to achieve their main goal: deliver all the resources requested by their corporation’s (“Cubebotics CORP®”) ships.
The game places you in a world in the verge of collapse. Despite the planet’s instability, Cubebotics CORP® decides to send their robots to capture its valuable resources. The task isn’t easy given that the robots have to deliver the payload to passing spaceships which won’t be in range for long.
During the time the ships take to arrive, the robots will have to face the exoplanet’s environmental adversities, other robots from rival corp “Cylindroids INC®” which will traverse the planet dishing out damage and snatching recourses, and even their own AI!
Throughout their expedition players will be able to count with Alpha Bot’s help, a support robot with a (very) short-tempered AI which provides them with actions to mine resources and interact with the planet’s chambers, as well as items to enhance their own feature sets. Alpha Bot can also collect resources and sweep any enemies blocking its path.

As the game goes on, keeping an eye on the exoplanet’s internal pressure and how its resources mix and match, as well as how can they be crafted inside your robot to attain the best alloy or that energy orb you badly need, will become essential.

Game overview:

The game is organized in rounds – as many as Cubebotics' ships take to abandon the exoplanet's orbit. In each round, an event takes place (which might involve trouble for the Beta Bots!) and the players will need to program actions to interact with the planet's resource-laden chambers, with enemies, with Alpha Bot, or with each other. Actions are chosen in secret and players commit to them before any are revealed. The stress level of each bot determines the turn order as well as its possible resource deliveries, and depends on the withstand strain (damage) and effort (actions).

Each player has their own robot's blueprint, where they manage resource storage using multiple containers of limited size. Apart from deliveries, resources can be transformed or spent to enhance the robot's capabilities.

During the adventure, the autonomous Alpha Bot will advance through the planet's chambers until it reaches the surface. Players can interact with this robot to obtain advantages or to steer it out of harm's way, since it is vulnerable to enemy attacks and the planet's adversities.

At the end of each round, maintenance takes place where enemy robots (Cylindroids) will move, attack, or occupy resource chambers. Additionally, players will receive benefits or penalties (stress) according to their distance to Alpha Bot.

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