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Artikel vom 05.06.2008

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Autorensteckbrief - Angelo Porazzi

Deutsch | English

My name is: Angelo Porazzi

I was born and live in: Milano

My Website/Blog is:

I am trained in: Dad of 3 wonderful daughters, plus mum makes 4 women around: it is a big training;)
I am also trained in American Football and Ultimate Frisbee, two sports I play and coach.

I studied: Graphic, Illustration, Comic, Photo.

My work career is as follows: Started as graphic artist, illustrator, photographer, comic designer. Worked first years as free lance, mostly in the advertising world. In 1996 Warangel was picked up for a national distribution that reached the heart of thousands of italian gamers. From that year I worked also as designer and illustrator in the gaming world.
In 2000 I self-produced the box edition of Warangel that was awarded as best italian game in four different luding conventions, including our greatest fair, LuccaGames. In 2002 Hasbro Italy distributed the "Warangel Card Game", the first example in Italy of a game that was created and illustrated by the same author and picked up for a mass market distribution.
Illustrations of Warangel were picked up for the "Warangel School Line" realized by Pigna, a major in Italy for school products, never happened before for a self-produced game.
Since the last years I am more and more involved in organizations of luding fairs, being the ideator and coordinator of Area Autoproduzione (Self-Production Area) that shows and communicates together lots of new authors and designers that love to create and produce their own games.

My hobbys are: Design and illustrate games with my daughters, friends and other authors. Play and coach american football and ultimate frisbee. Create communciation and links among people.

If I want to sweat I... play some of my favourite sports, I also like swimming a lot.

My favorite literature genre is: Epic. Illustrated comics books: Segrelles, Corben, Bilal, Moebius my favourite authors-illustrators.

I can watch this film a 1000 times: Star Wars, all of them. George Lucas was one of my "illuminators".

My favorite movie genre is: Fantasy. I love the design and I can learn the secrets of special effects in all this kind of movies. Basically there has to be a good story and ideas which still surprise me.

My favorite actor is: Master Yoda :)

The following electronic game is spezial: I love aircrafts, so every good flight simulator.

I like the following music: Beatles, Police, I also enjoy a lot playing bass, guitair, piano...

If I am going to a lost island I would take these three things with me:
A lot of food!;)
Something to play (a frisbee, a football, but I can build them on myself...)
A lot of friends to play with ;)

My Idol/s is/are... Every good master, in all fields of life.

Because... A good master is one who do not keep knowledge and contacts for himself, but shares, to groove TOGETHER with people around.

My favorite games are... Light wargames, family games, party games.

Because... I like to play with new enthusiastic people, put together new people and families.

I laugh, when... Almost everytime you see me with a smile. A face with a smile looks much better.

My favorite game which I developed myself is... Warangel

Because... it is still requested after 12 years and I enjoy a lot all suggestions, arriving by thousands of gamers around the world, for this game.
The game is the reason for many many people contacts. Gamers enjoyed suggesting new race, new materials like the wooden counters of "Create YOUR Warangel" that is indeed an idea of gamers. A wonderful idea "from gamers for gamers".

I love games which... put people together.

I don’t like games which... isolates people.

In my opinion it is very important that games... create contacts among people. If a game forces players to think their own move in silence, without relation and no interaction with other people, to me it is not funny. It is not a game, but rather an exercise to show "you are better than the others". If a game gives emotions, interaction, relation, FUN... it is a game I enjoy.

How I became a game author ... Just by showing my very first drawings of Warangel. First publisher said "To me they are good as they are". The game was so appreciated by gamers that I recieved 800 hand written letters (there was no email in 1996)which requested expansions. So I decided to go on selfproducing the boxed edition that won the four awards and so on. I really enjoy to follow all productive processes: creation, playetest, illustrations, print files, printing, packaging, and finally show and play each game together with gamers. I was invited to many cons. I also enjoy photo reports. You can find each of them on my website since year 2000. That is why I am now also known as ideator and coordinator of Area Autoproduzione. Due I am not only a communciator of games, but also of luding meetings, and new authors and new games too.

If I want to get a new idea for a game I... I do not search ideas. Ideas are "illuminations" that reachs you. If you are open minded and "ready to catch the light" the light will catch you;)! I just live relaxed and love what I do, not searching the "selling machine idea", but simply something that I like. If it is appreciated by other people, dads, families... than it is a good idea :)

The development time of my games takes... years. LovePigs published in 2007 had been playetested for about 10 years, with families, husband and wifes, girl and boyfriends, co-workers, teammates...
I listen to every impression of gamers carefully and I do not have any hurry to
finish a new game. I just publish them one by one, when I feel the right moment for that kind of game. I already produced my own copy of Love Pigs, it was appreciated by a publisher and then it was published.

My target group is... Families. Friends that want to enjoy games and having fun together.
Dads that discover a light wargame which they could play with their 10 years old children. Simple people.

I am very proud of... SpielePizza?:)
In Essen 2005 Jost Shwider came a lots of times to my Essen booth to create this Italian-German website toghether that could show italian authors in germany. I desigend the SpielePizza Logo and spread the world in Italy on request of Jost, to let that website be known. Exactly as now, when you Andreas kindly contacted me to communciate in italy your optimal website.
In a while I did my best to create contacts among people. On this path I could say: SpielePizza, Il Giro d´ Italia Ludico at Essen (see here the first edition in Essen 2006), Area Autoproduzione (that now is hosted in many Cons in Italy), ... all Ideas that simply communicate games, authors, fairs, TOGETHER.
For too many years certain people worked in the opposite way in italy:
keeping contacts, escluding other possible competitors, inventing the weirdest way to create fog on other people works, not communicating incredible goals
reached by others. I tried to change this stalling situation, giving good examples with facts, realizing contacts and occasions to groove together with other authors. I am sincerely proud of the results above :)

My greatest game achievement is... I received many achievement thanks to wy work in the gaming world. The best of all is being invited in always new "first editions" of Luding Cons. It shows the works I did "on the field" in the past years, it is appreciated by old an new luding organizers. About games the "Best Italian Game" Cup of Lucca 2000 is a good symbol. Also the golden plate I received at ModCon 2006, delivered by Andera Ligabue (Elder of the Club TreEmme, the greatest gaming club in Italy and our main luding journalist for BoardGameNews) and Marco Donadoni, the game designer that "enlighted" my generation in the ´70 with his games of international teams.
I appreciated it a lot to receive this "award" considering the person who gave it to me and reading what was written on the plate, for the 10th birthday of Warangel: "ModCon 2006: Club TreEmme Warangel 10 Years Edition to Angelo Porazzi, with gratitude for his great contribution in the diffusion of Culture of Game."

The reason for that is probably... I give good emotions for so many years to many italian gamers, I received back a lot of good emotions and achievements from many italian gamers:)

If there is the perfect game, than it... Nothing is perfect. There is a good game for a group and an excellent game for another... A "perfect game communciator" is a person that show the right game to the righ group of people in the best way:)

The following person in the boardgamecommunity is very important for me... Marco Donadoni

Because... I consider Marco not only the main "enlighter" of my luding experience, due to him I felt in love with modern boardgames thanks to Marco´s creations. I consider him a real master of life, for his way to be competent, honest, correct, gentle with everyone.

If I could go back in time, I’d love to meet the following person... I feel OK in this time:) I would love to have a sort of photographic machine that could save memories of past lives... but maybe these memories comes out through our drawings, works and books...

Because... it is nice to know who we are. I think that listening to people around us we can understand a lot of who we are. We cand help each other a lot in grooving if we share experiences and listen each other.

I would love to meet the following person... All people in every part of the world that write me enthusiastic for some game I created. I would love to meet all this very kind persons.

Because... the best thing of a game (or any other form of artistic creation) is to put people together on the same frequence. Different of course, but enjoying in the same way.

I am lost without these three things...
The Freedom. To act, to create, to live, for me and for other people. The Faith in other people. True, there is some unlucky and unfair person that want to sink this planet, but here are so many other "silent" people that work for good who are worth to work, live and create for.
The Females. They are our salvation. Also in the gaming world. If we game designers will exit the path to create games only to be accomplished by few hardgamers that fill the net of their justices, but begin to create also good games for wifes, daughters, fiances, grandmothers... They are much more than us males ;)
They are the real world and also if we won´t read their feedback on the net, those real people are the ones who save us to be "blinded" and too much involved in our gaming passion.

My next targets and plans are... To go on in this way, always better if possible. One step after the other and doing my best for people around me.

A funny anecdote off my gamelive is... There are many of them in my mind :). Being present in person, invited and hosted in so many Cons, I am in contact with maaaany persons.
I live the luding world "life", not on the net where it is easy to write things. A real world made by real partecipation, kilometers, years of passions, sharing contacts and meeting people. I see certain people on the net who describe themselves as luding professionists, journalists...
And it is so funny when you hear from other people, organizers, authors, real people, "life", what people really think about the operate (or not operate) of this kind of people. People who are saying that they are journalist or have real important contacts "should" have the duty to create communication. Not only for themselves. Or they seems like "kings of their little reign"...
Every real people in Italy know how much I am grateful to real luding journalists or simply passionates who are writing about games, conventions, authors with competence and honesty. All my resprect goes to all people who create this these years and communicate real facts to groove the luding world in Italy (and not only in Italy). To all "professional people" that pump themselves and sink, excludes, offend others... well, they are to me (and not only to me!) just "funny anecdotes";)

If I would be a gamepiece I love to be... an illustration

Because... I love the rough illustrations when you are creating a game, a character. Those kind of illustration that are the first step "from idea to a form" are full of creative energy.

It’s a pitty that the following idea was never done like I planed... Professional luding journalism in Italy?:)
I believe so much in the good work of so many real people.

Gameplaying is for me... to have and share fun with simple people.

If I could undo something I would... That is the main difference from real life and a program.
In a program you can easily undo things. Real life has not this "tool": must be a reason:)
Everything you do has a sense: just look at the effects around you, and learn.

My motto is... Do your best, one step after the other and do it also for other people around you. Live easy, and enjoy real life that which is a great game for itself!

My Games (ordered after years upwards)...
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