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Datensatz vom 16.10.2017

Critters Below



Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 6 Spieler

30-60 Minuten

Frei ab 14 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



A great war has broken out and is threatening to eradicate all of Critterkind. A few of you have made it to a shelter deep underground. However the lights have gone out, leaving you in the dark with limited resources. You do not know how long you have to stay down here before it is safe to go outside. How many of you will survive and will you be among them? Will you work together?

At the end of each turn players vote whether to open the bunker doors. If they do and it is peaceful outside they win the game. Otherwise they get hurt and must continue the game. Every surviving critter wins the game. It may or may not be in your interest to work together, you do not need the other critters to survive in order to win.

All Item Cards are kept face down. During your turn you take one to three actions. If you turn a card face up as part of an action you must use it regardless of its effects. There is also a limited supply of light sources you can look at some cards. You may share this information or you may even try to trick the others. Handy label cards help keep the memory aspect to a bare minimum, but still allow for backstabbing or cooperation.

You gain a starvation condition for almost every action and can also gain other conditions during gameplay. At the end of your turn must draw and apply a random card from your hand of conditions. This card is applied as damage if it is a bad condition. So if you do not discard starvation conditions by eating you will starve.

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