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Datensatz vom 01.08.2012

Age of Steam Erweiterungen: Tibet/Cyprus und Korea/Las Vegas



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Age of Steam Expansion - Tibet/Cyprus:
Tibet has impassable hexes and need blue disc (the sherpas) to cross and reach some cities. Cyprus is only a 3 player map : One player is the Greek , the other one is the Turkisk and the last one is UNO forces. Each player has special abilities

Age of Steam Expansion - Korea/Las Vegas:
Korea has special costs depending players establish their networks on the North or on the South Korea. Moreover some turns, it is impossible to deliver goods from South to North , or from North to South. In Las Vegas, there are some money on cities and player earn their normal incomes + the money on the stated cities.
With the 4 maps, we offer 2 special SNCF expansions : One takes place on the Moon and the other one on Mars with special rules. Compatible with Paris connection material of course.

The price of the 6 maps is 50 € and can be preordered directly to and only pick up on Thursday morning between 10 to noon on the Winsome booth, hall 10-66, as usual for our old customers. Ordering this set gives customers a coupon of 5 € to my other games in Essen.

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