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Datensatz vom 04.07.2014

Revolver Expansion 2.1: The Savage Guns



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 Spieler

45 Minuten

Frei ab 12 Jahre

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Four new savage gunfighters ride into battle, lured by Mapache’s ill-gotten wealth and promises of power. For a fistful of Pesos, these lawbreakers join the self-styled general and wait to do his sinful bidding.
Stood firmly against these desperadoes are a gang of cowpunchers, card sharks, and one-time outlaws – marshalled to help the cause by the commendable Padre.

Combine this expansion with the base game to explore new tactics and strategies and define your own play style.

This expansion develops a new unique set of guardians to flesh out the crew that the Padre player recruits to combat 'General Mapache' - giving your games more replayability and adventure. No longer can the devious Mexican rely as heavily on his gatling gun for victory - his world is about to be shaken up!

Revolver 2: The Savage Guns also includes four cutthroat lieutenants for the 'General' to muster - who are tougher and nastier than anything the Padre has ever had to confront before. Paid in combinations of Pesos and Mexican Army tokens, these gunslingers add variety to the experience - each also 'carrying' a clutch of saddlebag drafting cards.

Determined to fight for the township of Malpaso like a cornered Kilkenny cat, the Padre has a few other tricks up his sleeve: he can arm and train the Malpaso menfolk into a rudimentary fighting force; and set up a bastion at the town's chapel.

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