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Datensatz vom 21.10.2017

Campus Cafè



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 5 Spieler

15-30 Minuten

Frei ab 9 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



Life is really busy on a college campus and the only place to really relax is the Cafeteria. This applies to everyone, except for you, since you are working students who served as waiters in the Cafeteria.

Each player control a waiter with its own asymmetric power, to use to overcome others. At the start of the game the objectives of the Month are revealed (for example, serve the largrest number of Hot Chocolates or the largest number of Professors).

During his turn the player rolls 2 coloured dice, and places them on spaces of the same colour. Special training skills allow you to re-roll the dice or turn a color in to another. Each space, based on the color, allows you to prepare specific drinks (there are 5 drinks on the menu). Once prepared, the player adds the drink to his or her tray: but beware the tray is heavy, so space is limited (some training skills allow you to unlock more space).

At the end of turn, the player can choose to process one (or more, if you have the specific training ability) of the orders backlog on the Game Board: you must have and discard all the drinks shown on the card, get paid the bill ($ are Victory Points) and then pick up the Order Card, and place it in front of you. Specific training skills allow you to get extra tips from particular clients and/or drinks served. Once collected the Order card, the player will be allowed to use the special training ability shown on the card: the experience is always a teacher of life.

At a certain point, the cafeteria closes (there are a fixed number of Orders card to be processed, according to the number of players) and the round is ended, in a way that all players has performed the same number of game turns. A this stage the 'Employee of the Month' prizes are awarded and, who has the most Victory Points ($) is declared the winner.

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