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Datensatz vom 30.09.2011




Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 4 Spieler

120 Minuten

Frei ab 14 Jahre

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Recycle, Critical Times is a new game based on the original Recicle. Several changes were implemented, from the rules to the art design. Now, players may hire designers and merchants to improve their Cooperative, may buy collecting trucks for organic material and install new kinds of recycling equipment giving the game a new strategy felling. Players begin without money and loans are permitted, although times are critical and the interests are high.
The basics of the original are kept. Collectors move around the board collecting from paper, plastic, UHT, metal and glass tiles. They must take them to the Cooperative. In the new game, the street Collectors may also sell tiles to a public Warehouse where they can make some money before the Cooperative gets the materials to recycle.

The game develops in rounds, if there are two or three players, it has six rounds, if there are four players, it has five rounds (we suggest a special set up for four players).
Every round is equally divided into three phases: a) moving the collectors; b) buying material tiles previously sold to the warehouse; and c) recycling.
The game begins without the Collectors on the board. They get in action gradually, at each players turn, first the #1, then #2, then #3, they may be put in any of the available spaces on the board. After they are in, they move, one space at a time, from where they begun, to an adjacent available space.
Players begin without any money, they have a credit for loans of $10, but the interest is high (50%), after all, these are critical times. The total amount of money loaned is shown inside the yellow circle and the total money owed is shown inside the red square on the board. If things go fine, they may make up to $40. At the end of a game, every $5 is converted into one victory point, and money owed are negative points.
The Cooperative begins without any equipments to recycle or professionals to help its development. During the first phase of a round, while moving the collectors, a player may buy equipment or hire a professional, once a turn.

Every turn in the first phase is the most busy time of the game. The player’s sequence follows clockwise. A player have four actions he may take, in any order he or she wishes (just to be practical, I’ll call the player as he, from now on). The actions are: 1) he must move one of his Collectors following the number order; 2) he may buy one equipment or hire a professional; 3) he may sell to the public warehouse up to three material tiles that he have collected and are present on his street car, for every tile sold he earns $1, no matter what kind it is; 4) he may use action cards, once for each card. After all the players have moved all their three Collectors, first phase ends.
The second phase is the time for the Cooperatives to buy recyclable materials at a better cost from the public warehouse. The player’s sequence is counter-clockwise, beginning with the last regular player of the first phase. Firstly, every player may buy one material tile, then all the players may buy two more tiles, and then one more sequence of one tile may be bought. The prices are indicate on the board, and it depends on the quantity of tiles a certain kind has available, the more the cheaper. If a Cooperative has hired a Merchant, the prices are lower.
Recycling comes at the end of every round, at the third phase. Depending on the equipment that the Cooperative has accquired and the amount of material tiles present on the Cooperative board, a player will convert these tiles into money and victory points through recycling, according to the values described on the equipment tiles. There are equipments to recycle sets of two and three tiles of a kind. The studios recycle a set of four tiles, being two of two different kinds.

This edition is a stand alone game, and has all the necessary text in english and portuguese, even though it's not much text, just the action cards and the equipment tiles.

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