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Datensatz vom 28.08.2020

Rush Out!



Anzahl der Spieler:
3 bis 5 Spieler

10-15 Minuten

Frei ab 8 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



It was far too easy to progress into this dark dungeon. Far too easy… When you reached its very last level you had the bad idea to wake up the sorcerer, the big boss, and now your only way to survive is to rush out to the exit.

Rush Out! is an asymetric and hectic game for 3 to 5 players. 2 to 4 heroes try to escape while the sorcerer is casting spells against them. Everybody plays simultaneously.

Each “team” rolls and re-rolls dice (3 per hero, 5 for the sorcerer) with no limit, in order to complete cards. The first “team” who removes the very last card of his deck wins.

The game is divided in trainings first, and then in scenarios. Each time you progress into the rules, you are invited to launch a play before going further into the rules. So, step by step, you will learn the following rules (which always imply to add new cards to decks)…

For example, you will add the following rules at different steps of your learning:

  • The sorcerer completes specific cards, he can push back heroes dice from one of their cards they are trying to complete.
  • The sorcerer can move a dragon (pawn) onto a card on the heroes' side. Heroes cannot play on this card anymore, but using wilds on their dice, they can move the dragon back. If the dragon is moved several times by the sorcerer, he could arrive on the heroes' deck so that the sorcerer win. This is a second option for the sorcerer to win the game.
  • The sorcerer completes specific cards, he can forbid to a hero to use a specific symbol. This can be cancelled by the hero under certain circumstances.
  • Each card discarded by heroes becomes an Experience card. They can spend several of them to gain a new symbol for their jokers (basically, on the heroes' side, a joker is equal to a specific symbol for each, always the same).
  • The sorcerer can hit heroes so that they cannot complete card anymore. They need to health themselves first, with the help of their friends.

And much more…

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