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Datensatz vom 09.07.2014

Town Center: London / Hong Kong



Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 4 Spieler

30-60 Minuten

Frei ab 10 Jahre

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vorstellung vom 21.01.2015

Essen 2014 Video: Town Center (4th edition) (LudiCreations)

Essen 2014 Video: Town Center (4th edition) (LudiCreations) from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

The Town Center: London / Hong Kong expansion is comprised of 4 double-sided player boards, with the all-new London expansion map on one side, and the also all-new Hong Kong expansion map on the other. There’s also an A5-sized rulesheet/cover that explains the special rules of each map.

Both maps are something new and challenging (in fact, very challenging), as players will have to manage their budget (London), and their building plans (Hong Kong) very, very carefully.

Expertly designed by Alban Viard and beautifully illustrated by Todd Sanders, these highly thematic maps were developed to showcase just how deep this game can be, while taking advantage of each city’s unique characteristics.

The expansion comes with an A5 rulesheet/cover.

In London, real estate is expensive. Real expensive. So expensive, that it is the kind of place that has a stretch of street called “Billionaires’ Row”.

So, in the London map, the closer you get to the center (or, the “centre” as the natives like to call it), the more expensive it is. This map is not for those who don’t pay attention to their Commercial units.

Special rules:

  • The players start with $13 (instead of $3).
  • When building the first cube in any spot (including the first cube, the City Hall), the players must pay the cost associated with that spot.
  • Red cubes (Offices) may be built also in the first turn.
  • There are no suburb spots, and no special height limit for them.
  • At the end of the game, every empty spot scores -1 point.

In Hong Kong, another patch of land filled with steel, concrete and people, you have a very challenging, very small and congested map, just like the real thing.

In Hong Kong, you have to work hard to plan ahead, and to make sure that you can build in develop in the only direction that matters: up.

Special rules:

  • All players start the game with a black cube (Elevator/Parking), and place it immediately after placing their City Hall.
  • The ferries connect building spots across Victoria Harbour, and those spots are considered adjacent to each other.
  • No black cubes may be purchased during Phase V (Public Works).
  • There are no suburb spots, and no special height limit for them.
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