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Datensatz vom 30.09.2011




Anzahl der Spieler:
1 bis 4 Spieler

30 Minuten

Frei ab 6 Jahre

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In Cupeed, players want to be the first to build a 3x3x3 cube – dubbed a 333 cube by the publisher – from the parts available to them.

At the start of a round, the 27 wooden blocks – with each block being composed of 3-5 connected cubes – are laid on the game board. These blocks come in four colors, and all the blocks of a single color can be assembled into a 333 cube, although some are more difficult to construct than others. Each player receives a hand of five cards from the deck of 55 cards. Cards come in two types:

Block card – which shows a color and a number from 3 to 5. By playing this card, you choose a block that matches the specifications on the card and add it to your collection of blocks.

Function card – which allows you to take a special action on your turn: taking an opponent's block or forcing a swap with an opponent, choosing a block of your choice, forcing all players to return a block, and cancelling one of the aforementioned special actions.

At the start of the game, all players reveal the block cards in their hands, and the player with the lowest sum of numbers chooses blocks first, then the next player, and so on. Thus, each player will start with a different collection of blocks and possibly a different number of cards in hand. On a turn, a player first draws a card. If he has two or fewer cards in hand, he can play one card or end his turn. If he has 3-5 cards, he must either play a card, discard a card, or discard a block from his collection. If he has six cards, he must play a card.

The first player to assemble a 333 cube with no extra blocks and no protrustions or holes in the structure wins the round. The first player to win two rounds wins the game. If you assemble a 333 cube from nine blocks or in a single color, then you win the game instantly.

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