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Datensatz vom 24.02.2014

Pina Pirata



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 6 Spieler

30 Minuten

Frei ab 7 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen


vorstellung vom 16.03.2014

Vorstellung: Pina Pirata (iello) - Nürnberg 2014

Vorstellung: Pina Pirata (iello) - Nürnberg 2014 from Cliquenabend on Vimeo.

Lead your pirate crew on a quest for the most fabulous treasure: the Gold Pineapple. The map that leads to it has been cut up and scattered all over the Caribbean, but each location is a new adventure waiting to happen! In order to win the game, you will have to confront and defeat all of the other pirates who are also also searching for the Gold Pineapple! Play your cards wisely to find the treasure and become a legendary pirate!

Piña Pirata is played in rounds. At the beginning of each round, every player receives 8 cards. The goal is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. On your turn, you must play one card, or draw one if you can’t. A card can be played if at least one of the pirates depicted on it is also on the top card of the play area. As soon as a player has no more cards in her hand, she wins the round and gets a part of the treasure map. Once a player has 4 pieces of the map, he wins the game! The tricky part comes from the Adventure tiles: At the beginning of the game, 2 tiles are revealed. Each of those Adventures is a new rule that will change the gameplay. There are more than 40 different tiles with a lot of different rules. Use them to help you play more cards than you normally could, or to prevent the other players from playing their cards! At the end of each round, the winner chooses a new Adventure and adds it to the previous ones. As the game goes on, more special effects are triggered for more and more crazy fun!


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Sonntag 16.03.2014

Vorstellung: Pina Pirata (iello) - Nürnberg 2014

Nachricht von 20:47 Uhr, Jörg, - Kommentare

Das bereits fertige Spiel stellen wir euch in diesem Video (auf engl.) etwas genauer vor, viel Spaß! #video:pina# ...

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