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Datensatz vom 23.05.2016

They Who Were 8



Anzahl der Spieler:
2 bis 4 Spieler

10 Minuten

Frei ab 10 Jahre

0/10 bei 0 Bewertungen



Überarbeitete Neuauflage des Mikrospiels, welches als Print & Play 2013 kostenlos von Todd Sanders veröffentlicht wurde.

Gods and Goddesses are mercurial beings, given to jealousy and treachery, but they also can possess the august qualities of diplomacy and valor. Who among the pantheon can win enough glory to have their story of mythic victory passed down through the generations?

A micro card game for four players, in teams of two, lasting about 10 minutes

Needed to play:
• the 8 God Cards - Anatoc, Aristiphane, Cassana, Cymele, Endymina, Nanos, Piton and Rymon
• the 10 Action Cards
• 15 tokens in one color representing Glory
• 15 tokens in a different color representing Infamy

The player sitting opposite you is your partner in this game. You must gather Glory Tokens while giving Infamy Tokens to the opposing team. At the end of the game, all tokens, as well as the Powers of your Gods will be worth either positive or negative victory points.

Taking turns clockwise starting with the Start Player each player will play one Action Card from their hand (showing the card to all players and then placing it face down on top of the Draw Deck). Each Action Card will either add, remove or move Glory or Infamy Tokens on other players’ God Cards. Action Cards may not be used for the player’s own God Cards. After playing a card - add, remove or move tokens from the center piles, placing them on the chosen God Card.

Once all four players have each played one Action Card the current round ends and all players will then pass their remaining card to the player to their left. The Draw Deck is then shuffled by the next Start Player (the player to the left of the previous Start Player) and one Action Card is dealt to each player. The remaining two cards will again form the Draw Deck and a new round will begin.

At any time a player may use the Power of one of their Gods. These powers are listed at the bottom of the God Cards and each Power may only be used once in the game. A player should rotate a God Card 90 degrees after using the Power to signify this. Powers may supercede any of the game rules listed above.

Game End:
After all the tokens of any one kind, either Glory or Infamy, have been placed on players’ God Cards, the game ends. For each Glory token you and your partner have you score +2 victory points. For each Infamy token you and your partner have you score -1 victory point. For each Power of the Gods you and your partner have used you score -2 victory points. The team with the most victory points is the winner. In the case of a tie, the team with the greatest number of Glory Tokens is the winner.


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